Thursday, March 23, 2017

Big Aroha

Today we were super excited to have Ms Werry in Room 3 to teach us a new song. 

We were learning how to keep the beat to a song called "Big Aroha" by The Slacks. The Slacks are a band that will be performing at our fair coming up in just 2 weeks! 
We also learnt about the Maori word aroha and how it relates to things we love to do or people we love to be with. We were able to show the things we love through drawing, dancing, and singing along to the song. All of us love to be with families, including our pets.

Let us know what you love to do and who you love to spend time with. 
Enjoy our pictures about some of the things we love and have a listen to the song below as well! 


Thursday, March 2, 2017

Another awesome discovery time!

This week in the Kowhai Team we were able to learn more about communication, bees, colour patterns, and water play. Here are lots of photos of our learning!

In Room 1 we made telephones using only cups and string. We had to work hard to make sure the string was pulled tight so our voices could travel through. We also played at the conversation station! Who might be a person you would call and have a conversation with?



In Room 2 we looked at bees. Lots of girls loved creating art with the flowers, so much so that we even wore some of the flowers! We think the bees would love us! We also tried to figure out how many shapes we could fit into hexagons. Do you think you can help us think of more? 




In Room 3 we looked at colour and patterns. We could paint using cotton buds, weave yearn, make patterns using colour pencils and masking tape, and recreate patterns. 


And finally in Room 4 we looked at things that might float or sink on water and different ways of measuring water. We also created our own boats that we tested to see if they would float too. Lucky for us many of them could!


Thank you Kowhai Team for being connected, flexible, creative, self-managing, curious, and reflective learners! 

What other things do you think we could do at Discovery Time?