Friday, February 17, 2017

Becoming Connected Learners

Our poem this week was called "People are Different" and we talked about how we may all look different but we can connect to each other because we can all feel the same kinds of things such as happiness and laughter. We then worked in pairs and shared our ideas so we could decorate 'people' of our own. Here are some of our creations. 


  1. Kia ora Room 3. It is a good idea to celebrate people's differences. Well done for being connected learners and working together. How can you be connected learners with Room 4?
    Mrs Butler

    1. Kia ora Mrs Butler.

      Thank you for your comment. We think we can be connected learners with Room 4 by sharing some of our ideas and learning with your class. Do you think that a good idea?

      Thank you, Room 3.

  2. Hello Room 3
    I am so pleased to see how you have talked about being connected. It is so important that we connect with others in lots of different ways. I am sure yu worked well together to make your lovely connected people.

    Mrs Irvine

    1. Konnichiwa Mrs Irvine
      Thank you for writing a comment on our post. We do love to share our ideas and our learning with you. We would also to invite you to our classroom one day and see our other creative learning.
      We hope you have a good day Mrs Irvine.

      Room 3