Thursday, March 23, 2017

Big Aroha

Today we were super excited to have Ms Werry in Room 3 to teach us a new song. 

We were learning how to keep the beat to a song called "Big Aroha" by The Slacks. The Slacks are a band that will be performing at our fair coming up in just 2 weeks! 
We also learnt about the Maori word aroha and how it relates to things we love to do or people we love to be with. We were able to show the things we love through drawing, dancing, and singing along to the song. All of us love to be with families, including our pets.

Let us know what you love to do and who you love to spend time with. 
Enjoy our pictures about some of the things we love and have a listen to the song below as well! 



  1. I like your photos!

    I love your love hearts!

    I like that you have been practising Big Aroha!

    I wish that you could come and show your love hearts on out jelly bean white board table!

    I really like your writing!

    Room 1

  2. cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!